Tejas Borja

Location: Valencia, Spain
Established: 1898

Our company has been working hand and hand with Tejas Borja for nearly two decades. We maintain a personal relationship with the owner of Tejas Borja, Mr. Pablo Casanova and frequently visit the factory in Valencia, Spain. We truly believe that Tejas Borja is one of the most beautiful clay manufactures and can’t wait to see it on your next project.


Location: Matassino, Italy
Established: 1870

Solava is the newest line we carry. Solava specializes in a Roman Pan and cover tile system. Not only does Solava manufacture a high-end Roman Pan and Cover, they also produce a full line or ceiling panels, rain screens, bricks, and pavers. Solava has been a family operated business since 1870 and they truly have a passion for clay products.

Santa Ana

Location: South America

Located in South America, Santa Ana really captures old world charm with their roof tiles. They offer a nice variety of natural earth tone colors. Santa Ana specializes in a barrel tile system and they are a great choice for historical restorations.


Location: Europe
Established: 1883

Koramic roof tile has been around for over 120 years. With over 17 clay roof tile plants they produce first quality products. With such a vast library of different roof tile, Koramic will definitely have a solution for any type of high-end clay roof you are looking for.


Location: Turkey
Established: 1978

Sahats is a true handmade clay roof tile. They are dedicated to producing clay products that are the best quality and surpass the industry standards for clay tile. Sahtas prides themselves in having a hands on approach in the production of their tile. You can be sure that you will be getting a unique and durable product.

Evergreen Slate, Buckingham Slate, and Camara Slate

Location: United States

Slate has unlimited benefits and uses. It is an all natural product and is a beautiful and durable choice for a roof. With many different companies to chose from we can guarantee and stand by the ones we represent. Evergreeen Slate, Buckingham Slate, and Camara Slate are all domestic slate products and we are confident that they will exceed all expectations for your next slate roof project


Location: South America
Established: 1986

Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tile is a perfect product for both residential and commercial applications. They have been producing tile for over 30 years and are the one of the largest tile producers in South America. With more than 250 employees they are capable of producing 60,000,000 tiles per year. You can be satisfied knowing you made the right decision with a warranty they will cover you for 60 years.

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